Information & Flower Regulations


  • Family Service is always available to help the Community and families with any questions or concerns. Contact Clinton or Kelly at (330) 745-8090

  • We offer traditional ground burial options (Mausoleum, Lawn Crypts, Ground Space)

  • We offer Cremation options (Niches, Columbarium, Cremation Section, Ground Space)

Flower Regulations

  • Fresh cut flowers are allowed in a bronze vase at any time.

  • Birthday/Anniversary decorations permitted for 5 days with notification to office, and holiday decorations are permitted on the dates listed below.

  • Flowers that have become withered, soiled or unsightly will be removed by the Superintendent's staff.

  • Artificial flowers are permitted from November 15 - March 14. The cemetery will remove any remaining decorations on March 15.

  • Decorations are removed when they fail to conform to size and/or material limitations stated herein.

Mausoleum Decoration Regulations

Only Artificial arrangements are permitted in the mausoleums and are limited to one per entombment. Arrangements must be labeled with name (of deceased) and phone number (for pickup) if you wish to have them returned.

2020 Holiday Decoration Dates

Begin End
Easter Sunday 4/12/2020
Friday 4/10/2020 Sunday 4/19/2020
Mother's Day Sunday 5/10/2020
Friday 5/8/2020 Sunday 5/17/2020
Memorial Day Monday 5/25/2020
Friday 5/22/2020 Sunday 5/31/2020
Father's Day Sunday 6/21/2020
Friday 6/19/2020 Sunday 6/28/2020
Winter Decorations permitted
Sunday 11/15/2020 Sunday 3/14/2021

2021 Holiday Decoration Dates

Begin End
Easter Sunday 4/4/2021
Friday 4/2/2021 Sunday 4/11/2021
Mother's Day Sunday 5/9/2021
Friday 5/7/2021 Sunday 5/16/2021
Memorial Day Monday 5/31/2021
Friday 5/28/2021 Sunday 6/6/2021
Father's Day Sunday 6/20/2021
Friday 6/18/2021 Sunday 6/27/2021
Winter Decorations permitted
Monday 11/15/2021 Monday 3/14/2022